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Advanced Technology

Woman recieving 3D x-raysYou likely already know that innovations in technology have greatly impacted your daily life. Advancements in dentistry technologies make it possible for the La Plata Dental team to provide treatments that are safer, more efficient, and more comfortable. Keep reading to find out more about our state-of-the-art practice, or contact us to schedule your appointment today. During your visit, we’ll take you on a tour of the office and answer any questions you may have about our dental technologies.

iTero Scanner

Rather than struggling to explain what we see inside of your mouth, we can use our iTero Scanner to show you exactly what we’re talking about! When it comes to oral health education and treatment planning, this tool is an essential component. We’ll use it to capture clear images of the inside of your smile, which can then be viewed during your appointment. That way, you’ll completely understand your oral situation and all your potential treatment options.

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Digital X-Rays

Finger pointing to highlighted teeth on digital x-rays

X-rays allow us to see inside the tooth and below the gum line to diagnose treatments in their earlier stages. Using digital x-rays, we’re able to capture high definition images more quickly using less radiation than traditional x-rays. Immediately viewable on our chairside computer monitors, digital x-rays are easily stored from year to year and transferred to specialists and dental labs for advanced treatments in less time. We can reference past x-rays in order to diagnose areas for concern in earlier stages.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

CBCT Scanner

When you need the most detailed image of your oral structures as possible, the CBCT scanner makes all the difference. This technology is capable of 3D imaging, which means it can capture a 3D model of your current oral structures. This includes your nerves, blood vessels, and many other areas essential for planning specific treatments. For example, if you need a root canal performed, a dental implant placed, or discomfort diagnosed, we’ll make use of the CBCT scanner to get it done.

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