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Teeth Whitening

Woman with bright white smileIf a brighter smile is on your wish list, the La Plata Dental team may be able to help. We offer a wide array of cosmetic dentistry solutions including professional teeth whitening. During a cosmetic consultation, we’ll examine your smile to determine the underlying cause of the dental staining or discoloration. This will help us determine what treatments we offer will help you achieve your desired teeth whitening goals. Call our office to schedule your consultation and get started working towards a brighter smile.

Causes of Dental Discoloration

Closeup of smile split before and after teeth whitening

Patients may notice yellow, stained, or dull looking teeth for a number of reasons. Some of the common causes of dental discoloration include:

  • Worn enamel – as the outer layer of the tooth thins as a result of aging or due to daily use, the yellow dentin layer below becomes visible
  • Tobacco use – both smoking and chewing tobacco stain teeth
  • Foods and drinks – consuming large quantities of acidic or staining foods and beverages
  • Internal stains – caused by injuries, certain medications, and excess fluoride consumption, these stains can occur as teeth develop or after they erupt

Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Products

Woman placing a whitening strip

There are numerous whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels, and strips available in your local pharmacy. However, while these products promise dramatically brighter smiles, they can rarely deliver. There are some patients with mild, surface-level staining, who see results from regular the use of these products. They may also be helpful to touch up the results of professional teeth whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Man receiving in-office teeth whitening

Unlike these over the counter products that are one-size-fits all, professional teeth whitening is customized to meet the needs of each individual patient. We use professional levels of active teeth whitening agent, usually hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. Our safe application methods keep whitening gel active and in place on the surfaces of teeth for longer periods of time, and they prevent neutralizing saliva from accessing the whitener. This leads to results up to ten shades brighter.

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