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The Cost of Dental Implants – La Plata, Maryland

Affordable, Permanent Tooth Replacement

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Every dental implant tooth replacement plan is different. For this reason, we’ll need to see you in our dental office for an implant consultation in order to provide an accurate estimate of the out of pocket costs of your treatment plan. Our knowledgeable team members will help you plan and budget for your dental implant tooth replacement, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions about dental implant and the costs associated with your restoration plan. On this page, we’ll walk through some of the factors that influence the cost of your dental implant restoration plan. Give La Plata Dental a call to schedule your tooth replacement consultation to get started putting the smile back on your face today.

Preparatory Treatments

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Before we get started with an advanced dental treatment like implant supported tooth replacement, we may need to provide a number of preparatory treatments to ensure your optimal chances for successful implant placement. These preparatory procedures may include tooth extractions and bone or soft tissue grafts.

Dental Implant Creation & Placement

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The largest factor in the price of your restoration plan is the cost dental implant posts and their surgical placement. Dental implants can be crafted from a number of different materials, including titanium and metal-free zirconia. Your dental implants will vary in price depending on the materials used, manufacturers, the size of your implant post, and the position of your missing tooth.

Abutments & Smile Restorations

Once your dental implant posts are fused with the supportive bone and gum tissue, you’ll come in so we can place an abutment over the top of each implant. The abutments are used to attach your crown, bridge, or denture to the underlying implants.

Additional Variables

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In addition to these major aspects that influence treatment pricing, there are also a few other variables to keep in mind. The first is dental insurance. While insurance plans don’t usually cover the price of dental implant posts or their placement, your benefit provider will usually offer coverage for other aspects of your implant tooth replacement plan, including replacement teeth and preparatory procedures. Additionally, many people choose to utilize dental sedation to ensure comfort during the more invasive aspects of your tooth replacement plan, which can further add to the out of pocket expense of implant restoration. For those without dental insurance or who want to spread out the cost of their restoration plan, we’re happy to work with third part financiers to offer low or no interest financing plans.

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