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3 Habits To Avoid That Could Hurt Your Dentures

August 22, 2023

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Dentures are a popular, affordable way to restore your smile after tooth loss. With the right care, they can help you eat and speak normally for up to 10 years! You might not be aware, though, of certain behaviors that can be particularly damaging to your dentures. Keep reading to learn 3 habits to avoid so that you can keep your dentures working for you.

Habit #1: Sleeping In Your Dentures

Though it can be tempting to allow yourself to drift off at bedtime with your dentures still in place, this is definitely discouraged! When they’re in your mouth, your dentures actually restrict blood circulation to your gums. This can cause some inflammation and tenderness that can develop into an infection. It’s important, therefore, to make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to recover. That means removing your dentures before bed so you and your mouth both get some much-needed rest.

Habit #2: Skipping Cleanings

It’s imperative to thoroughly clean your dentures daily. Though they aren’t susceptible to decay themselves, it’s still possible for food to get caught on them and for bacteria to thrive. Germs can flourish and cause issues like gum disease if you don’t cleanse them regularly. That means you should remove your dentures to brush and floss them twice every day.

Be sure to apply the same routine to any remaining pearly whites still in place. You wouldn’t want to put pristine dentures into a bacteria-ridden mouth!

Habit #3: Not Wearing Them Daily

If you know you don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to see on any given day, you might want to just leave your dentures where they are on the bathroom counter. This can allow them to dry out, though, which can warp them so they’re no longer effective. To keep them in good shape, you need to wear them every day.

Not only that but if your dentures get too dry, they will crack and give bacteria places to hide and thrive. You might end up with smelly dentures or stinky breath! Your mouth keeps them moist which acts as a natural defense against odor-causing germs.

It can be hard to train ourselves out of bad habits, but it’s worth it in order to maintain your teeth. Although they aren’t the ones you were born with, your dentures help you act and feel like you did before you lost any. Now, by sticking with a healthy dental hygiene routine, you’re ensuring you make the most out of your dentures for years to come!

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