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Ditch the Old Metal: 5 Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

September 15, 2023

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A mouth of amalgam fillings

Cavities are on the rise. That means fillings are becoming more prevalent and your dentist will be busier than ever. The material used in these treatments has changed substantially over time, and the latest type is by far the best. Composite resin, the same material used in dental bonding, has replaced amalgam as the predominant filling material.

If you want to learn why composite resin is so great for teeth, continue reading. You’ll discover the reasons amalgam had to go, and what makes resin fillings superior.

1. They Preserve More Tooth Structure

To make room for an amalgam filling, dentists would have to remove a substantial amount of enamel or dentin from the afflicted tooth. This often resulted in crevices larger than necessary, even if the surrounding enamel was healthy.

With composite resin, only the part of the tooth that is decayed needs to be removed as resin will fill in even the smallest gaps.

2. They’re Better For Metal Senstivity

If you have a metal sensitivity, amalgam fillings could trigger a reaction that leads to oral lesions and other issues. Amalgam fillings contain elemental mercury which releases vapor in small amounts over time and has been linked to kidney and brain damage according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Resin fillings contain no metal, so they are safe and allergen-free!

3. They’re Just As Durable

One of the biggest bonuses to amalgam fillings is their durability. They are very unlikely to break unless the tooth is compromised in some way. However, resin fillings are getting better all the time, increasing their durability. At this point, they are much stronger than their original formulations and form stronger tooth structures than amalgam.

4. They Make Teeth Less Sensitive

If you’ve ever put a metal thermos in the freezer or filled it with hot water, you know that temperature carries well through most metals. Amalgam fillings are the same, and so they are terrible for people with sensitive teeth.

Resin fillings are made with a composite material that insulates much better against temperature changes.

5. They Look Better

Because of their silver-gray color, amalgam fillings are easily seen and recognized when you open your mouth. They look nothing like the enamel of your natural teeth, and if you have several metal fillings, it can start to really detract from your smile.

Dental resin blends seamlessly with your natural teeth, giving you an unblemished grin. Your dentist ensures the color of the filling matches the color of your natural teeth before they place it.

If you need dental fillings, don’t delay your treatment, and steer clear of amalgam fillings. They may be the cheapest option at your dentist, but the drawbacks and long-term effects make them a less attractive option. Your oral health is an investment, and you should want only the best.

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